Home Insurance


At Balanced, we can provide you with Home Insurance quotes that include a comprehensive range of features and benefits from a panel of insurers.

Home Insurance is essential if you own your own home, in fact if you have a mortgage on your property it is a requirement of the mortgage lender that you have at least Buildings Insurance in

What is Buildings Insurance?
Buildings Insurance protects your property from a list of unexpected events, examples of this could be from a fire, escape of water, storm damage, flooding, damage caused to the building due to a break in.

Buildings Insurance is there to cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding the structure of your home and any damaged permanent fixtures and fittings.

What is Contents Insurance?
Contents Insurance covers household goods, also personal belongings. Furniture, electrical goods, clothing, kitchen appliances are all examples of what is usually covered by a
Contents Insurance policy.


A good way to determine what is covered under Buildings Insurance and what is covered under Contents Insurance is by whether or not you could take the item with you if you moved home. For example, if your wash basin or the kitchen sink is damaged, these items are classed as permanent fixtures and fittings and would therefore would generally be covered under your Buildings Insurance.


What is Accidental Damage?

Accidental Damage can be added to both Buildings and Contents insurance. This type of cover will protect your property and contents if they get damaged accidentally. For example, this could be by spilling a drink and staining a carpet or by a DIY accident like drilling a hole through a pipe.


Did you know?

If you live in rented accommodation, your landlord will be required to have a Building Insurance policy in place. However, your contents are not covered by this Buildings policy, therefore you are able to have a Contents Insurance policy in your own name to

protect your belongings.


Please note: You must keep up your premium payments on a policy to avoid the policy being cancelled.

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